I was born and raised in Ukraine. Since my childhood I have been intensively involved in painting and since then I have attended various art schools. During my studies of American Studies and Business Administration in Germany, I took part in many more advanced training courses in painting. As a cultural scholarship student in Italy, I was also able to study art theory for almost a year in Rome. Painting and art have always been an important part of my life alongside my professional life.
For me, every painting is a short story. A brief glance or moment, a short observation, pose or memory are the main characters in it. Sometimes people are only objects and the main role is played by lines, a colour or an insignificant detail. Short stories leave a lot of room for imagination and interpretation. There is no foreseen end. That is exactly what I want to evoke in the viewer with my paintings – he and she should read their own little story in my paintings.

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